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Find out about our Day Packages!


Trackless rides

The Trackless Fire Engine is one of our new pieces. It is an updated version of the trackless train, which we also offer. Each unit can hold 6 people comfortably and come with it’s own personal engineer, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

Dixieland Classics

Are you looking for the carnival feel? Then we have the rides for you! The Cartwheel is human powered and actually makes a complete circle upside down. With the seat belt on tightly and with it’s saftey stop switch, this ride could not be safer or any more fun for people 4 feet and up! The Whilrly bird is a real eye catcher! It too is human powered and seats 4. This ride can go as fast or as slow as the riders choose.. Watch the flags spin or take a ride yourself, this is a GREAT ride that can service a lot of riders in a short amount of time. As with all of our equipment, these rides come with an attendant to supervise the safety of the participants at no additional cost.

Rock Climbing Wall

YES, this IS a portable 28 foot hard surface rock climbing wall! Just imagine the fun that your party goers could have racing to the top! This wall can accommodate 4 climbers at once and has buzzers for the climbers to sound off when they reach the top. As with all of our equipment, the Rock Wall comes with an attendant to supervise the safety of the participants at no additional cost.

Money Machine

What a great idea for a grand opening or corporate event! This money machine can blow around everything from coupons to bonus bucks! You decide what to put in the unit and watch the participants win BIG!

Live Animals

We can bring the farm or just 2 ponies for the children to ride. We can provide a petting zoo that Old McDonald would be proud of or just the Chicken Man. You tell us what your Party needs!

Dunk Tank

Our ever popular Dunk Tank is very quick and easy to set up and loads of fun to watch. On a hot summer day enjoy the cool splashes from the dunkee or in the dead of winter watch their faces grimace as the balls hit the bulls eye. You provide the water and we’ll set it up any time!


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